Artist Yolanda Chetwynd

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Yoyoma Comic

Sample image from the four page Yoyoma Comic by Yolanda Chetwynd

In the summer of 2008 I had just competed my first "Body for Life Challenge." The transformation so impressed my nephew, Oliver Cairns, that he draw a comic story for and about me. He was eleven at the time. I, in turn, was inspired by the superheroine costume and the story that I redrew  and edited it. I hope reading it will inspire you to become a superhero of your own. You can read about Yoyoma taking on the menace of Mr. Cupcake by downloading a printable pdf or by opening the story in a new window by clicking here.


Monoprints inspired by my childrens' drawings


Heart Tree
Long Neck Bird
Red Hat
Tall Bird
Fork and Snake
Striped Legs
Tail Monster
Two Waving