Artist Yolanda Chetwynd

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Watercolor paintings by Yolanda Chetwynd

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Gray Cat

Gray Cat Getting Ready for the Day

Gypsies Waiting

Gypsies Waiting for a Train

Gypsy Compound

Gypsy Compound

3 women

Two women with baskets and one carrying wood

Cotton candy sellers

Cotton Candy Sellers

Boy With Green Balloon

Boy with a Green Balloon

All of the watercolors are painted from my in-laws' balcony in India. The view looks onto a train station in the suburbs of Poona. Here by the railway station, various refugees and gypsies and families live on the platform. On this platform the outdoor theater of life unfolds. Mothers breast feed their babies, fathers wash to prepare for work and children play in their uniforms before the bell summons them to school. All these activities go on as a continuous stream of life and only a family of  performers look up and see me painting them.